So you’re all set up with a new stand-up desk, and you’re alternating between a standing and seated position during the day. Great work! But do you feel that there’s something else missing?

The popularity of height adjustable desks and workstations has led to the need for an office chair or stool that’s capable of movement, so that the operator – that’s you! – can take a break from standing, without moving back to a fully seated position. But what kind of office chair fits this need?

Say hello to the Wobble Stool. Wobble Stools easily move in height from a seated to standing position quickly and with minimal effort by simply depressing a button beneath the seat cushion. The extra long gas strut can move from a height of 560mm up to 830mm, allowing you to rest or perch upon the stool at an intermediate height.

Boasting a weighted base and non-slip rubberised mat, the Wobble Stool provides movement at all angles, from left to right and front to back, with the seat cushion itself capable of a full 360 degree pivot. This provides you with the opportunity to actively move while perched on the stool, which automatically returns to an upright position.

The stool’s design promotes movement, and lets you rock, tilt, and swivel in much the same way as a Swiss Ball. Similar to a Swiss Ball, the round base requires you to continually make subtle movements to remain upright, which helps to keep your lower body and abdominal region active and in motion, burning calories while you sit!

Unlike a Swiss Ball, however, a Wobble Stool takes up little room, and is easily maneuverable out of the way when not required. This is particularly useful in a confined home or office space where you might also be alternating your seating with a traditional office chair./

Alongside other health benefits, the act of sitting a bit higher than normal increases your hip angle, which helps to promote an improved posture and a more natural spine curvature. Whereas a more traditional seated position, with the pelvis pulled underneath more, can lead to disc pressure and back pain.