Cheap Office Furniture: Inexpensive or Poorly Made?

So what’s wrong with cheap office furniture? Well, just about everything, according to an advertising guru I spoke to recently. The guru said the ambiguity of the term ‘cheap’ tends to imply issues of  inferior quality in  the minds of customers.

“You may indeed have the best prices for office furniture in NZ, however, using the word ‘cheap’ suggests your product is cheaply made,” the guru said.

Use the terms discount, budget, low price, best price but never, ever use the phrase ‘cheap office furniture‘, he said.

The guru does of course make a valid point. However, I remain unconvinced that ‘cheap’ is perceived by customers to mean a product that is somehow inferior or poorly made. If that is so, why do so many people use ‘cheap’ as a search phrase in google when trying to source the best deals or bargains on the internet?

Even people searching on line for discretionary or luxury items such as holidays, spa pools, big screen TVs, and yes, executive office furniture, will add the term ‘cheap’. Are these people willingly hunting out inferior goods, or just using the most natural phrase that pops into their minds to find the best deal?

I’ve come to the conclusion that the average internet shopper is a lot more savvy than what the guru suggests. I think that people understand cheap doesn’t equate to inferior. Those people have come to know that using the search phrase ‘cheap’ will flush out good quality product at the best available price.

And we know that some of those savvy internet searchers for cheap office furniture have landed on Uno’s Ultimo Series page and bagged themselves some of the best quality office furniture in NZ, at the best available price.

Ultimo Series is indeed cheap, in the sense of being inexpensive. But it is in no way inferior or poorly made. In fact it’s of a similar (or superior) quality to competitor’s products sold from showroom floors at more than twice the price.

Ultimo’s ‘cheapness’ in price is the result of the efficient way that Uno does business, and its philosophy to bring the best quality furniture to people at the best price. We’ll continue to source great furniture  from the world’s leading manufacturers, import that product into NZ and supply direct to the public. And we don’t mind if you want to call that cheap!