Cubit Height Adjustable 1800 x 700 Desk



In this posting we look at the different types of height adjustable desks available, their pros and cons of use and ease of adjustment.


Set up height adjustable desks

Desks of this type are set to different levels of height during the assembly stage. Further height adjustment after the initial set up can be time consuming and only performed to accommodate a new staff member or user.

These desks are typically of a similar cost to fixed height desks and reasonably easy to assemble. They are of value to organisations that want to make ergonomic adjustments specific to new users. However they are not suitable to be adjusted on a regular basis.


Crank height adjustable desks

A crank handle elevates and lowers the desk top to the desired level.

A cost effective way of changing desk height and a straight forward method to adjust. However, it can be time consuming to change regularly from a sitting to a standing position, especially when there’s a lot of weight on the desk top. Great benefits here for someone who enjoys a work out when changing height!


Spring loaded or pneumatic height adjustable desks

A lever is released and locked to change the desk top height. A counterbalance mechanism moves the top up and down. These work in a similar way to an adjustable office chair’s pneumatic mechanism.

The desk top height can be altered quickly. Always check the weight rating of the mechanism to assess suitability.


Electric height adjustable desk

With the flick of a switch you can raise or lower height to the desired level. The easiest and most efficient way of adjusting desk height.

This makes for a convenient and simple method of changing height. In the past the cost of electric adjustment has been high, however there is now very little difference in price between user adjust and electric mechanisms.


Treadmill Desks

Treadmill desks take the sit-stand dynamic to a whole new level. Walk while you work! Forget about gym membership fees, get a work out in the office during the day.

There are obvious health benefits to achieving this level of exercise while working. However treadmill desks occupy a lot of space and are relatively expensive. It may be a good idea to retain a conventional desk and chair and alternate with the treadmill as desired during the day.


Lap Top Height Adjustable Tables

Lap top adjustable tables are becoming popular as they can be placed on existing desk tops and adjust the lap top height only. Spring loaded or pneumatic mechanisms are commonly used to adjust height.

Lower cost and flexibility of use is a major advantage of lap top specific height adjustable tables. The work surface is small so other tasks may need to be carried out at a seated height.

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