Evolution of the Desk

Evolution of the Desk

Evolution of the Desk, a You Tube clip courtesy of the Harvard Innovation Lab, illustrates the impact that technology has had on our lives over the past 35 years. A cluttered desk in the 80s transforms into a cleaner surface today consisting of only a laptop and mobile phone.

So what has changed? Well quite a lot when you consider the demise of items once used in everyday life such as the rolodex and fax machine. Desks used to be more cluttered, due to the necessity of having a dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, clock etc at hand.

And change continues in the modern office today. The paperless society once predicted has not eventuated, however the volume of paper used and where it’s stored has changed markedly over the past three decades. Large steel filing cabinets once ubiquitous in most offices have given way to either smaller file drawers closer to the user’s workstation, or tambour units and bookcases.

What’s next? Mobility and ergonomics are driving change in modern offices today. Desk design is becoming more minimalist, with clean lines and surfaces to accommodate multiple users. Sit stand desks are also becoming more mainstream in new office fit outs, with people more conscious of the health benefits of moving around the office space rather than remaining seated all day.

For all of the  trainspotters out there, the vintage items featured in this video are authentic. The Macintosh Classic, corded phone, fax machine, globe, corkboard, Polaroid camera, and rolodex were all purchased through individual sellers on Ebay.

The radio was acquired from Goodwill, and the picture frame came from pictureframes.com. The rest of the items were found lying around in basements, storage units, and garage sales. And the sunglasses? Those were easy since we actually still own a pair.

How has your desk changed over the years? We would like to think the evolution of the desk timeline ends, for the moment, at our Ultimo Series 😉

We would like to thank the producers of this video  http://bestreviews.com/  The original video can be found here: bestreviews.com/top-office-chairs#transformation-of-the-office