Height Adjustable Desks Becoming the New Trend at Work

Demand for adjustable height desks is gathering momentum as they become the new trend at offices across the country.

Flexible office furniture that encourages movement, especially height adjustable workstations are increasingly popular for both wellness and functional reasons.

70 percent of office workers spend more than 5 hours a day sitting down. It has also been estimated that people spend around 80,000 hours (or nine years) seated over the course of their working life. Health experts say sitting for a long time at a normal office desk like that can contribute to various health problems including back pain, headaches, blood pressure complaints, even premature cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In a 12-week study by Alfred Health, in which 100 employees used a height adjustable desk, sitting time was nearly halved and staff reportedly noted multiple benefits, including improved health and wellbeing, greater concentration or focus, greater productivity, reduced pain and discomfort, higher energy levels and reduced fatigue.

Height Adjustable Desks NZ


Research from the University of Chester has found that if you stand 3 or 4 more hours for 5 days a week, over the course of a year, it’s the equivalent of running 10 marathons.

Auckland University academic Dr Borja del Pozo Cruz, who lectures in exercise and active living psychology, explains that standing burns more calories than sitting – and standing also gets the muscles working,  helps spark brain activity, makes us stronger, and it helps people to cope better with everyday life.

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