Hot Desk or Home Office?

Does a home office environment look more appealing if you have to fight for office desk space at work?

Yesterday’s Herald on Sunday article, “Desks a hot commodity” suggests that hot desking, where multiple workers share a single work station, is increasing in popularity.

BusinessNZ chief executive Phil O’Reilly says sharing office desks is becoming the norm for new office fit outs, and it makes sense to cut the number of office workstations when not everyone’s in the office at once or you have a mix of contractors and permanent staff.

“I can’t think of too many large corporates that have gone through an office refurbishment or into a new building that don’t do it,” he says.

Spark (formally Telecom NZ) has around 20 per cent more staff than desks. Spark Head of HR Wendy Hammonds says this is good for productivity as employees can work from home, and hub-up in project groups with others they wouldn’t normally team up with to deliver specific projects.

Us here at Uno are unsure which way hot desking will go. Intuitively, having a fixed desk provides a number of productivity benefits, such as not having to pack and unpack everything at the start and finish of each day, and building relationships with nearby work mates.

But alternatively,  hot desking or working in a more informal environment from home also offers productivity gains, not to mention the social benefit of reducing traffic congestion at peak commuting times.

Whether hot desking or at home, we know our new Ultimo office desk and storage range, with its clean white modern aesthetic, combined with a strong commercial build, will be an equally popular choice in both formal work and home office environments.