is your office chair killing you?

Is Your Office Chair Killing You?

Is your office chair killing you? The question may seem over dramatic, but recent studies reveal that prolonged sitting increases mortality rates markedly, even among those that exercise regularly and are in otherwise good health.

A study of 120,000 people by the American Cancer Society reveals mortality rates increased 37 per cent for females and by 18 per cent for males who sat for more than six hours a day, compared with those who are seated for three hours or less.

A  Sax Institute’s ’45 and Up Study’ shows a similar result with adults that sat 11 hours or more daily faced a 40 per cent increase risk of dying over the following three years than individuals who were seated less than four hours.

Prolonged sitting places unneccesary pressure on the back’s discs and disrupts metabolic functions which leads to deteriorating vascular health.

It’s not enough to have a good quality office chair to mitigate risks associated with sitting too long–you need to get out of the chair and move around at regular intervals during the day.

The Sit Stand Adjustable Height Desk Solution

A variable height desk provides the opportunity to work in a healthier and more productive way while relieving back discomfort and helping to improve circulation.

Alternating between a seated and standing position during the day provides a greater variety of postures, keeping the body more active and healthy. Standing for periods of time allows body weight to be more evenly supported through the hips, knees and ankles, reducing pressure on the back and allowing weight to be carried by the legs.

Workers report significant benefits from adopting a variable height desk including: weight loss as a result of increased activity; increased energy levels and less aches and pains from extended periods of sitting.

This more flexible environment also provides additional productivity gains such as the increased ability to concentrate and remain focused for longer periods of time, and a feeling of being more actively engaged in the work place.

Losing your seated habit of a life time may seem like a radical change, however new converts to sit stand desking usually have few issues with adapting to their new environment.

The key to change is easing yourself into this new way of working at your own pace. And this is possible with a quality height adjustable desk that can be changed from a sitting to standing position with ease.

If you’re tired of sitting in discomfort all day then check out our next article which outlines the different types of height adjustable desks and how to choose which one is right for you.