If you’re looking for a stylish mesh office chair that not only looks the part but also provides a superb user comfort rating, then you can’t go past the new Flex chair from Knight Group.

Flex mesh office chairs combine great design lines that will compliment any modern office environment, while the elasticised mesh upholstery creates minimal stress to pressure points on your back. In short, this is a great looking comfortable chair that belies its modest price.

An added feature, usually found only in more expensive office chairs, is the ability to lock the Flex office chair into an upright position while attending to day to day tasks and then reset the chair into a free floating mode for a more relaxed posture.

A change in seated position is similar to alternating from a seated to a standing position at a workstation during the day. A change from an upright, fixed seated position to a free floating one is beneficial to back posture and circulation.

Be assured that Flex office chairs are of a quality expected of all Knight products. The chair sits on a strong reinforced nylon star base.  It is rated at 6+ as a comfort rating and up to 120 kg in body weight. A three year guarantee applies.

Flex mesh office chairs are available in matching black crown fabric. It is shipped boxed with minimal assembly required. The chair stem is easily attached to the base.

As an added bonus, we are reducing the Flex mesh chair price by a further 20 % to $143.20 + gst each, if purchased along with any item of Ultimo Series office furniture. Please contact Uno on 0800 4000 10 to facilitate this offer.

If you would like some more information about the Flex office chair and the Knight range of office furniture,  please go here: http://www.knightgroup.co.nz/

Flex Office Chair