An office desk featuring a lamp and green plant

5 Office Productivity Tips For Getting More Done At Your Desk

We’ve all been there, right? You’ve just wrapped up another dull, dreary day at your office desk, where you spent more time contemplating the hours ‘til you head home than the task at hand. Those spreadsheets? That’s a problem for tomorrow. Those reports? You’ll get to them eventually…right?

Businesses and workers alike need new ways to maximise performance, efficiency, and productivity, all while creating a happier, healthier workplace, but how?

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Health benefits of a standing desk

4 Ways You Didn’t Know A Standing Desk Could Benefit Your Health

Stand-up desks have been all the rage for what feels like an age. And for good reason! As it turns out, they’re more than just a fad or an internet-fueled craze that’ll inevitably come to an end. Combine a standing desk with the right chair, and you’ll reap the many benefits that a standing desk can provide. Many of which relate to your health!

Curios? Here’s four ways you probably didn’t know a sit / stand desk can improve your health.

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Uno Furniture Smart Store in Auckland City

Uno Furniture Opens New Unmanned Smart Store In Auckland City; View & Browse Office Furniture 7 Days A Week

Uno Furniture is very pleased to announce the opening of its first Smart Store in Onehunga, Auckland City.

The store is unmanned and open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, 365 days per year. It’s a self service space where customers can let themselves in via coded entry.

Once inside the space, customers have the opportunity to view, touch and interact with the furniture without the unwanted hassle or unnecessary pressure of dealing with salespeople.

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sitting at a desk back pain

Standing Desks? Here’s Why They’re Good For You & Your Health

If standing is the answer, what was the question?

A revolutionary – some say evolutionary – change is taking place throughout New Zealand workplaces. People are getting out of their chairs and standing up for their health, and enjoying some other unexpected benefits along the way.

But how did the change to standing at work come about, and does it really make any difference to peoples’ health and well-being? We look at some early research into the benefits of standing and the dangers of excessive sitting.

The move away from sitting all day at work is the most fundamental change to how people interact in New Zealand offices since the introduction of desktop computers.

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Why Buy a Mesh Office Chair?

There’s more to a mesh office chair than good looks. The modern, minimalist appearance of mesh-backed chairs has undoubtedly led to their growth in popularity, however there are many other benefits to this relatively new style of office seating.

Aside from aesthetics, mesh chairs provide a more comfortable seating experience, which in turn leads to greater productivity and happiness in the workplace. Here’s four more reasons why mesh-backed chairs outperform traditional upholstered chairs.

1. Ventilated Weave

The mesh weave design greatly enhances airflow and ventilation on the user’s back. Upholstered chair backs trap heat and promote sweating leading to discomfort. A mesh back helps the user feel cool, dry and fresh. It’s much the same as wearing a pair of jandles rather than shoes and socks on a hot summer’s day.

2. Greater Support

The ergonomic shape of mesh chairs provide enhanced levels of support, particularly on the user’s back. The curved back design promotes a better seated posture and fewer pressure points on the spine and shoulders. Mesh lends itself to a better fit for a wider number of body shapes. Lumbar support can be adjusted specifically to the shape of the individual.

3. Durable Wear

Modern technology means man-made synthetic fibres are woven tighter and stronger than the fabric of a traditonal office seat. Coupled with strong and flexible pvc or nylon frames creates a longer life expectancy than an upholstered chair. Fabric and foam upholstery tends to tear or flatten with age, making them look dated and uncomfortable.

4. Reduced Upkeep and Cleaning

Mesh weave is easier to keep clean than upholstered fabric. It’s also less susceptible to odours and staining caused by perspiration. A cleaner looking and more hygienic chair, often used by multiple people, is a huge benefit to a happy and productive office environment. Always choose your office furniture with care, buy it once rather than often!


Height Adjustable Desks Becoming the New Trend at Work

Demand for adjustable height desks is gathering momentum as they become the new trend at offices across the country.

Flexible office furniture that encourages movement, especially height adjustable workstations are increasingly popular for both wellness and functional reasons.

70 percent of office workers spend more than 5 hours a day sitting down. It has also been estimated that people spend around 80,000 hours (or nine years) seated over the course of their working life. Health experts say sitting for a long time at a normal office desk like that can contribute to various health problems including back pain, headaches, blood pressure complaints, even premature cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In a 12-week study by Alfred Health, in which 100 employees used a height adjustable desk, sitting time was nearly halved and staff reportedly noted multiple benefits, including improved health and wellbeing, greater concentration or focus, greater productivity, reduced pain and discomfort, higher energy levels and reduced fatigue.

Height Adjustable Desks NZ


Research from the University of Chester has found that if you stand 3 or 4 more hours for 5 days a week, over the course of a year, it’s the equivalent of running 10 marathons.

Auckland University academic Dr Borja del Pozo Cruz, who lectures in exercise and active living psychology, explains that standing burns more calories than sitting – and standing also gets the muscles working,  helps spark brain activity, makes us stronger, and it helps people to cope better with everyday life.

At Uno Furniture we offer a range of more than 15 different height adjustable desks at great prices. Take a look at our online collection and make the most of our fast, free delivery service straight to your door.

Auckland CBD Office Furniture

[mappress mapid=”6″][mappress mapid=”5″][mappress mapid=”4″]Auckland CBD Office Furniture

Uno Furniture has moved its Auckland CBD Office Furniture showroom to Level 4, 17 Albert Street.

The move to the larger Albert Street space is in response to customer demand to view a a wider range of office furniture products in one location. Aside from the Ultimo Series of furniture on display, customers will now be able to view a limited[mappress mapid=”3″][mappress mapid=”3″] range of visitor and operator chairs in both fabric and mesh-back design options.

The new Auckland CBD Office Furniture showroom showcases Uno’s office furniture offerings in a real world office environment. This gives customers a better opportunity to assess the ergonomic and spacial functionality of the furniture, says Uno Furniture Director James O’Connor

“The new space allows for customers to get a better feel for how the furniture looks and performs in a fully functional office environment. Customers will be able to check out the desking, cabinetry and chairs in a work setting similar to their own office,” he says.

Uno Furniture imports and markets the Ultimo Series of furniture direct to end user customers. This means customers are able to buy high quality furniture at unbeatable prices.

Uno is able to directly access contemporary office furniture and is continually updating its range to reflect changing customer demand for the latest trends and fashions.

“We are able to offer what was once aspirational furniture affordable only to a small number of corporates, but is now within the budget of all businesses, whether they be small ‘work-from-home’ set ups or larger corporate fit outs.”

A complimentary design, measure and quote service is also available for anybody that may be contemplating an office update or new  fit out. Uno Furniture also works with a large number of New Zealand manufacturers and suppliers to source a wide range of imported and locally made products, including custom-made furniture.

For further information please visit Uno’s new Auckland CBD Office Furniture showroom at Level 4, 17 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, or phone 0800 400 010.



Flex Office Chair

Flex Chair

Flex Chair

Flex Mesh Back Office Chair on sale at $155 each + GST delivered and assembled, August only.

Grab your self a bargain with the Flex Chair by Knight Group, at a  never to be repeated price for a limited time only.

Enjoy the added comfort that a mesh back  chair provides, with stylish elasticised  mesh upholstery back and matching black fabric seat.

The Flex Chair can be locked upright for task work or set in free float mode. It has independent levers for seat height and back angle and includes a strong reinforced nylon star base.

It is rated at 6+ hour comfort and 120 kg weight rating, and comes with a three year guarantee.

Flex Chair Features Include:

Independent levers for seat height and back angle

Strong reinforced nylon star base

6+ hour comfort rating

120 kg weight rating

3 year guarantee

Seat height: 400-500mm
Seat width: 485mm
Seat depth: 520mm
Back height: 600mm


Delivered in assembled form to any metropolitan area in New Zealand throughout the month of August only!