Office Chair and Workstation Set Up

Here’s a quick guide for an ergonomically correct set up of an office chair if your workstation (or desk) is not height adjustable.

In an ideal world everybody would have an adjustable office chair and an adjustable height workstation. However, a fully adjustable office chair and foot rest is sufficient to achieve postural comfort and an ergonomically correct set up.


1. Adjust chair height so that the top of the chair seat is level to a point just below your kneecap.

Stand in front of the chair



2. In a seated position, with your feet flat on the floor, ensure there is a gap of around 50 mm between the seat’s front edge and the inside of your lower leg.

Sit upright

3. Move the back rest backwards and forwards, as well as up and down to achieve sufficient lower back support.

Adjust the backrest

Ok, so you’ve adjusted the chair to your height, now it’s time to check that the chair is compatible with your workstation or desk.

1. If you need to raise your arms to place them on the desk top, the workstation is too high. If this is the case, adjust the chair height so that your elbows are around the same level as the desk top.

2. If your feet cannot be placed flat on the floor (after making the adjustments above) you will need to use a footrest. Make sure the footrest is adjustable to accommodate both feet flat and firm on the rest.


Armrests should only be used if they are of a height that enables the user to get close enough to the work surface with out over stretching.

For armrest adjustment, hang your upper arms down and extend your forearms in front of you at a 90 degree angle. The armrests should be set to elbow height. Armrest support, when properly adjusted, will allow your arms to rest, which in turn takes pressure off your neck and shoulders.