The Mata Has Landed

The Mata Has Landed

Uno Furniture is very pleased to include the Mata visitor chair in its range of office and visitor seating.

And this is no ordinary chair — don’t let the sophisticated lines and stylish curves deceive, this is not a chair to be messed with. Of course we fell for the Mata’s good looks immediately out of the box, but its true qualities proved to be more than skin deep.

This chair is bullet proof! The tough reinforced polypropylene shell can not be broken or bent out of shape. To prove as much we were treated to a demonstration of the Mata’s strength, with the sales rep turning it upside down and standing on the shell until it lay flat with the ground.

Remarkably the chair bounced back to its original shape without any hint that it had been pancaked, without any sign of marks or stress. The rep then proceeded to show us a picture of a car being driven over the shell of the chair –a  marketing promotion used to launch the Mata overseas.

Aside from its strength, the Mata is a chair that your back will love. The shape of the seat back works to massage your lumbar area, providing just the right amount of support and resistance that is needed. There can be no greater testament to the Mata’s ergonomic qualities than it being chosen by a Tauranga chiropractor for his waiting room.

The Mata is available in 8 vibrant colours — Mango, Taupe, Grey, Olive, Red, Black, White and Cobalt Blue — great for brightening any indoor environment such as cafes, food courts or schools. However it is not UV stable or rust proof so is not suitable for outdoor use.

A standard black upholstered seat pad can be added to any Mata chair for a small extra cost. Minimum purchase quantity is 4 chairs which are dispatched assembled ready for use.