To Sit or to Stand: How to Adapt to an Adjustable Height Desk

To Sit or to Stand: How to Adapt to an Adjustable Height Desk

So perhaps you’ve already made the move to spend less time sitting during the day or you’re about to. One common question we are being asked by people who have purchased a height adjustable sit stand desk is how long should they be standing each day?

After sitting in the work place 8 hours or more a day for many years, making an adjustment to working at standing height is often not easy. Although there are no hard and fast rules as to how long you should be sitting V standing, we would like to share some advice and experiences of our customers who have already made the transition.

First up, we strongly suggest you not discard your office chair altogether as there will always be times when you want to take a break during the day from standing. We are also not a fan of adapting existing office chairs with higher gas lifts and foot rings.

All of the height adjustment should be in the desk itself, with the chair set up exclusively at your normally seated, ergonomically correct height (i.e. feet firmly planted on the ground, arms at desk height horizontal to the body etc).

A gradual change from time seated to standing is the key. Perhaps start off standing for 45 to 60 minutes at a time. Listen to your body and let it tell you when to change posture. Another great advantage of a sit stand desk is the ability to change posture at regular intervals, which improves blood circulation and decreases the incidence of back pain.

Some of our customers change posture at certain times of the day. A client in Hamilton, for example, will stand for around an hour only in the morning, but stands predominantly during the afternoon. She says this pattern suits her as she tends to feel lethargic in the afternoon if she remains seated too long.

Another customer sits and stands according to the tasks she has to accomplish. She prefers to sit while working on her computer but will take the opportunity to stand when on the phone or meeting with colleagues (most of whom do not have sit stand desks and also enjoy the standing meetings).

A trend that we have noted is for customers to retain a separate desk space for dedicated seating time and tasks, and alternating the position of the sit stand desk to suit. Often, a static desk is retained for meeting between the user and customers or colleagues (not everybody will be used to the idea of a standing meeting).

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