ultimo office furniture

Ultimo Office Furniture

Ultimo Office Furniture represents the best value office furniture in New Zealand today.

Ultimo Series was chosen for distribution here because it combines an ultra modern look with commercial strength: You are buying executive office furniture that is built to last in any environment, with a contemporary aesthetic sure to enhance both the home office and corporate workplace.

Melamine 25 mm thick desk and cabinetry tops provide hard wearing, scratch and heat resistant surfaces. Steel, powder coated and flush welded desk legs and support beams create a solid base that complements the ‘floating’ white tops.

We encourage customers to shop around to compare the value for money that Ultimo represents compared with other office furniture on the market. Always take time to check the quality of materials used and warranties offered.

All Ultimo office furniture cabinetry is built to last and to be moved around, with solid 18 mm thick backs and sides. Locking mechanisms and smooth ball bearing runners are standard.

Ultimo office furniture is also a socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable choice.

The melamine laminated particle board used for Ultimo Series is produced to E1 standards, with low formaldehyde emission which comply to the stringent JIS A5908 standard.
Ultimo Series is manufactured by one of Malaysia’s leading producers of office furniture. The company is a pioneer in the concept of high-tech, eco-friendly manufacturing. It promotes the optimum recovery of scarce timber resources and conservation of the environment.
To prevent depletion of Malaysian rubber wood resources, the company is a  voluntary member of the SHDC, an association that undertakes the planting and rearing of rubber trees to ensure that their supply is maintained.
To help eliminate undesirable factory emissions, the company has also invested in a waste water treatment plant to prevent harmful liquid waste from being discharged.
We are proud to have been associated with the manufacturers of Ultimo Series for more than nine years, in a country that has implemented a minimum wage policy, with the lowest-waged guaranteed an income to help lift them out of poverty and help ensure they can meet the rising cost of living.

Ultimo Series represents the best value office furniture available in New Zealand today and is backed by a five year guarantee. Be assured that you are buying stunning, contemporary office furniture of the highest quality and style, at unbeatable prices.