Why Buy a Mesh Office Chair?

There’s more to a mesh office chair than good looks. The modern, minimalist appearance of mesh-backed chairs has undoubtedly led to their growth in popularity, however there are many other benefits to this relatively new style of office seating.

Aside from aesthetics, mesh chairs provide a more comfortable seating experience, which in turn leads to greater productivity and happiness in the workplace. Here’s four more reasons why mesh-backed chairs outperform traditional upholstered chairs.

1. Ventilated Weave

The mesh weave design greatly enhances airflow and ventilation on the user’s back. Upholstered chair backs trap heat and promote sweating leading to discomfort. A mesh back helps the user feel cool, dry and fresh. It’s much the same as wearing a pair of jandles rather than shoes and socks on a hot summer’s day.

2. Greater Support

The ergonomic shape of mesh chairs provide enhanced levels of support, particularly on the user’s back. The curved back design promotes a better seated posture and fewer pressure points on the spine and shoulders. Mesh lends itself to a better fit for a wider number of body shapes. Lumbar support can be adjusted specifically to the shape of the individual.

3. Durable Wear

Modern technology means man-made synthetic fibres are woven tighter and stronger than the fabric of a traditonal office seat. Coupled with strong and flexible pvc or nylon frames creates a longer life expectancy than an upholstered chair. Fabric and foam upholstery tends to tear or flatten with age, making them look dated and uncomfortable.

4. Reduced Upkeep and Cleaning

Mesh weave is easier to keep clean than upholstered fabric. It’s also less susceptible to odours and staining caused by perspiration. A cleaner looking and more hygienic chair, often used by multiple people, is a huge benefit to a happy and productive office environment. Always choose your office furniture with care, buy it once rather than often!